MATCHES | Oscar® Qualified Animated Short Film

MATCHES | Oscar® Qualified Animated Short Film

Children’s fantasy is endless!
We can catch their thoughts while they’re playing.

The basic inspiration for MATCHES was given by an interview with a 7 year old child, who shares with us his honest and innocent thoughts.

Finding joy and wonder in playing with colorful matchsticks the young boy’s imagination becomes visible, while he complains about grownup rules and talks about his dreams, fears and hopes. The film attempts to take us back to the innocent fantasy world, where endless and wonderful imagination comes to life.

The film depicts a special way of thinking, gives a glimpse into a very personal world and delivers a highly creative and playful animation style with a simplest gesture by bringing some pieces of colored matchsticks to life.

KEDD Animation Studio, 2019.
Director: Géza M. Tóth
Scriptwriter: Géza M. Tóth
Producer: Éva M. Tóth
Graphics: Péter Piros
Music: Balázs Alpár
Sound Design: Balázs Alpár
Editor: Géza M. Tóth
Sound editor & mixing: Imre Madácsi, Miklós Rozslay
Production manager: Doraya Bouandel
Animators: Gergő Burján, Kinga Fazakas, Eszter Horváth, Imre Horváth, Edit Lele-Húber, Tibor Nagy, Katalin Riedl, Péter Vácz

Foyle Film Festival 2019 – Light in Motion Awards for Best Animated Short Film
Fano International Film Festival 2019 – Best Animated Film
OTTAWA International Animation Festival 2019 – Honourable Mention
ETIUDA&ANIMA, International Film Festival 2019 – Honourable Mention
Hét Domb Filmfesztivál 2019 – Main Prize
London International Animation Festival 2019 –
Audience Award for Best Children’s Film 8+
ANIMANIMA International Animation Festival 2019 – Audience Award
New York City Short Film Festival 2019 – Best Animation
Best Shorts, season: June 2019 – Award of Excellence Special Mention: Animation
Moscow Shorts, May 2019 edition – Best Animation Short Film
Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival – 2nd Prize in Fine Art Category, 2020
Athens Animfest – 3rd Prize in the Short Competition, 2020



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