Rend-Teremtés – 2016 03 20 -Juhász Zoltán

A vers:

First, I’d like to thank to the organizers for inviting me, I like it a lot.
Now I’m trying to find the words, because, after the previous ceremony it is difficult to speak
and it is especially hard to speak about what I do and about the thing I really want to tell. which is my task. But still.
Feri has just made us see, very expressively, that we have a spiritual power.
This spiritual power is not in its proper place.
The Hungarian nation, the Hungarian society is influenced by a strange spiritual power.
And the one who is able to influence the thoughts of a society, who tells what is right or wrong, what you can do and what cannot,
what is good or bad, that is the one who owns the cardinal power.
It is the spiritual authority.
This authority, which rules the Hungarian nation
and the senses of (the people of)the developed societies, is in foreign hands
. It doesn’t serve the nation’s interests, we can’t name it, can’t influence it, can’t affect it
The main influential instrument of this power is the media.
That’s the channel through which they can get to the people’s consciousness.
The mainstream media.The global media, which projects picture in front of the people, that they must be successful and have more money
To make it short, this spiritual power keeps people’s soul, spirit and physical being trapped
Once we realize it, we can make the question, how we can change it.
Because, if it isn’t good, then we should change it. The good news is: 2016 is the year of changes.
The time is here. Change! Once we know what to change, let’s find the tools for that.
As I mentioned the tool, the channel of the siritual power is the media.
And the Hungarian nation doesn’t have an own media. Ther’s no own channel.
There’s no connection between the people and the Hungarian Spirit, which would mediate the kind of love that we experienced here previously.
That we could feel. We felt it, but millions of our compatriot missed
Do not even know about it. Because the news do not reach them.
So we need a tool. Where can we get it from? Let’s create it! It depends on us!
At the beginning of January I got the solution in a dream, when I clearly and completely saw, how the media organized and built up by the Hungarian society can come true,
which media is able to get back its own things from the foreign authority./ strange power.
As we can be proud of being Hungarian.
It was the moment that I named the moment of conception- then the idea of how to do it conceived.
Now we are in the bearing phase, we are planning it , it is growing and I hope we don’t need to wait long for the media, , organized and built up by the Hungarian society, to be born.
Like the growing baby is given a name by his or her parents, we have also named our future hope, happiness: the name is King Matthias TV
We had been thinking a lot before choosing the name, but after that it was so obvious that it cannot be different at all.
King Matthias, our last sacred king, who took over a country, which the oligarchs tried to tear apart, was able to turn it into the brightest star of Europe.
Even oday’s culture was not able to besmirch his name
He endured the test of time. King Matthias still is The Fair in the eye of people.
It’s interesting that in our folk tales he is the only king who is named.
E.g.: The king has a child. but if the king is named, that is King Matthias.
The King Matthias TV will be built by you. You are needed to do it.
I’m happy to tell you, that this week the web interface of this TV was born.
The most important element if this is, that everyone, who would like to take part in building it, can sign up here, giving a declaration of intention,
Which means that people are ready to help and support our media.
This declaration has another part, about finances.
It is very interesting, that when I got the idea, which then didn’t even have a name,
then I asked people if they had 1000 Ft to give so that a media, which is for them, made by them and represents their interests, is started.
And all my acquaintaces who I asked told, sure, there is 1000 for this.
Then we got the name, and once turned a 1000 note over, and there was the picture of King Matthias.
It’s been two years since I started off in this field, before that I wasn’t in the media, and on my way keep finding this kind of packs for me.
And I experience that there’s no coincidence. It is a planned process which is transmitted to you through me.
It is incredibly importanf that you spread the news.
Now, as you have listened to these sentences,I must say, you are also responsible for when this media
which will wake the nation up, be born , and feel this responsibility.
This media will mediate love, and will work for the love-based society.
The people, who we meet, keep transmitting dissatisfaction and their will to act, but they want to fight.
They want to organize demonstrations, send people away, according to their temper, either very powerfully, or only with the tools of law.
To fight- there’s no need to fight. fight will not bring any good.
Fight will always brig fight, and it always has victims.
When we go against something, we make just that power stronger, that we want to change.
We don’t have to fight, we don’t have go against, we must change.
Change doesn’t come from outside, we don’t have to wait it from someone else. Changes happen inside us.
And if we change and do not make this sructure of power, which was forced on us by this stranger spiritual power for its own interests,
and keeps us captured, live on, if w eget rid of fit, then this power will collapse like a ouse of cards.
Just to show it with a simple example: if you didn’t go to do your shopping to a multinational company,
within how long time do you think it would close down its shops?
But till this picture shouts from the media, that you have to buy this contaminated food,
because it is so tasty and is on sale and still, you go there, then this power will keep you captured, spiritually, psychologically and physically too.
So that we can wake our compatriots up, such a media is needed which helps to stop this fight.
A media which will put our herittage and the spirits of our ancestors back to its worthy place.
Finally, King Matthias TV has its own webpage, a mailing address, and we are on community portals.
I request those who want to help with organizing, not because of me, but because of themselves, because of their beloved ones, their families and because of the nation,
please come, because we need helping hands.
Not only helping hands, but most importantly there’s a need for our helping spirit.
Thank you and hope to see you again.May God Bless You.

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