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*English subtitle is starting at 1:15, with the Life Hacks part!*
What’s up everybody, welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is the number one pority,
today i’m gonna show you some easy trick by which you can simplify the preparation for easter at home.
Check dis out!
On Easter it is basic that you have to cook some eggs,
but what if we have no enough time or water to make boiled egg?
Now i’m gonna show you another technique, how you can make it easily.
First, grab an egg and put it in paper towels which were in hot water,
then wrap it with aluminum foil,
and put all of it to the microwave for 30 seconds!
Look how easy!
So put the wrapped egg to the microwave for about 30 seconds!
Le check dis out!!
Awh, the boiled eggs are ready!
Look it!
Wow, prety awesome huh?
What if we want to eat some delicious Easter snack,
for example a buttered toast with horseradish?
We should make the toast with the toaster,
but it takes to much time, and probably
we did not pay the electricity bills.
I’ll show you some other way to make our favourite buttered toast with horseradish, without toaster.
We only have some aluminum foil and a tea light candle.
First we take a piece of bread and wrap it in aluminum foil,
then light the tealight candle with matches.
Then bake the aluminium foiled bread above the flame.
Luke how easy this is!
After about a half minutes the toast is ready!
Unpack it and..
Guess what happened?
Toast is done!
Look how easy, huh?
The last thing we have to do is to grease with horse-radish.
Lets see!
Great, so delicious!
It is usually happens that we arriving to a party, for example an Easter celebration,
and we take out our “traditional” hungarian sweets,
the Marshmallow, or how we call “Habcukor”!
And when we open the bag, the full group jumps to us and want to eat from it.
I’ll show you a solution for this problem.
First, if we have marshmallow, never take out in front of others,
but hide it in our shirt!
Then do these steps!
Imitate a brutally large sneeze..
but keep our hands in front of our nose, like it is full of snot!
The host will be sent us immediately to take a shower, but do not forget to take the marshmallow with us!
When we are in the bathroom, make a small hole on the bag with for example a wine opener,
but be careful with the noise, because the others in living room may able to hear the smallest vibration too.
So here it is the traditional Hungarian marshmallow,
and now i’ll applying a little hole on the middle of the bag,
Prety easy huh?
Then try to pull out the candy through the hole very carefully.
It’s done!
After we take out the candy, easily put it in a tissue or handkerchief,
BOOM, easy huh?
Now we can peacefully go back to the oders,
then when we would like to, just do like nose blowing,
and we cleverly eat out the marshmallow from the tissue like this.
Like dat!
Pretty cool huh?
I know that there are many kids getting chocolate eggs, but they only interested for the toy inside,
and it is a hard question how to store the chocolate crumbs after you remove the toy,
so they eat it rather than put it away is for “difficult days.”
So there is a solution for getting the toy without smashing the chocolate.
What you only need is a bowl of hot water and a sharp knife.
First, take out the egg from the package,
than take the knife to the hot water for a little time.
It is very important that we use a blunt knife, the best tool is a “butter knife.”
Then cut the egg half along the fitting carefully and try not to break it.
Then we just have to take out the toy.
In the next step, just carefully paste together the two half-egg,
stick them together with “insulating tape”!
So easy huh?
What if we want some Easter mini firework, but we can not buy rocket because it’s not New Year’s Eve.
We can make our own firework at home, with only matches and sugar!
Le check dis out!
Take about 5-6 matches from the box,
then cut off the head of the matches.
But even we can break them half,
because we only need the head of the matches.
Thats it!
Very easy huh?
Now put the heads in a sheet of aluminium foil, better make some kind of bowl.
Then add some spoon of sugar…
This way!
Just to cover the head of matches.
Now pack the ingredients together, and wrap the full things with used toilet paper!
It is very important to be used, because the methane derivatives help igniting the firework!
Thats it! Easy, huh?
So try this out!
So rub together our hands with the rocket!
Ohh it is getting hotter!
Alright, lets run, RUN!!
What a big explosion!!
Kids do not try this at home!
It is time to think about the Easter decoration.
So im gonna show you how to make an easy Easter Bunny decor,
from a banana!
Chekk dis oht!
First step is to cut curved the peel of the banana near the end.
Do the same thing on the opposite side of the banana.
Then unfold the two peel part like it was a rabbit ears.
Then we should cut the rest, because we do not need that anymore.
So we are actually done with the bunny’s head, just make its face.
Let’s draw its eyes and nose.
Thats it, prety awesome huh?
Additionally we can use some toothpick to make him a mustache.
By final step we put the bunny on some green napkin like he sitting on grass.
This is it! It’s done!
Look how cool is that huh?
When it’s celebration time and friend are coming over, it is recommended that we wait them with snacks.
But what if there are no breadsticks or biscuit at home?
Now i’ll show you how to make some home-made chips with using only your microwave.
First, grab some baking paper and put it on the table,
then grab a bigger potato and cut it half.
Easy huh?
Then cut one of the half potato into slices on the paper.
Look how awesome huh?
Then take a plate and grease with a little butter, so potatoes won’t stuck to each other or the plate.
Put the potatoes on to the plate like this circle formation, so it will look like a good job.
BOOM! It is Done!
Put it to the microwave for about 3 minutes on 500W!
So we are here with the potatoes,
so lets do dis!
Put the plate in and set the microwave for 3 minutes.
It is ready, lets check dis out!
Look et dis!
How cool is this huh?
Home-made chips by microwave.
Coool huh?
Check this out!
Look at dis, oouu..
Really hot, but look how awesome it’s looks like!
Very crispy and delicious!
Like dat!
Look how good this is!
Really fantastic huh?
Kids do not try these at home!
These were the Easter Hacks.
Thanks for watching!
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I’ll see you next time!
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