AZ EMBERFIA // Karácsony 2015

A vers:

After watching this skit it’s not easy to say anything, even though this was not my first time to see it.
This piece really evokes that deep emotion linked to reconnection in a lost relationship.
I’m reminded of a TV show that one of the commercial channels put on air in recent weeks,
where they help people who never met their families or lost connection for a long time meet.
You can imagine that they discover stories that are so touching.
In one episode it was the story of a woman who being 64 years old had never met her father.
They found that her father had already passed away, but at least she could meet her brother she never knew.
Another story was about a boy who spent the first 4 years of his life in hospital due to a liver disease.
After a successful transplant his parents gave him up for adoption and he never met them for 20 years.
Now he finally met his father and his mother – separately, because they themselves had parted ways.
There was a lot of emotions, tears and drama on screen – all that comes with fixing a broken relationship.
For me this show, the skit we saw and Christmas itself are about the very same thing.
Christmas is about God attempting to reconnect with those he lost contact with for a long time.
Watching the show it became obvious that a lost relationship makes both sides suffer.
This is what we see in the world, people who are suffering from the lack of relationship with God.
Christians are sometimes falsely presenting a God full of expectations about church attendance, behaviour etc.
In the Bible however we see a completely different picture of him.
In Calvary Chapel Kistarcsa we’re now going through the Gospel of Luke and we see that it was God
who initiated to restart this lost relationship with us, he was the one that came to make this possible.
The key verse of this book is chapter 19 verse 10 where Luke records Jesus’ own words saying
“For the Son of Man came to find and restore the lost.” (The Message)
So the lost connection grieved God’s heart and he made a great effort to restore that relationship with us.
Jesus being God came to this Earth to find and restore that lost connection
But this encounter can only take place if we also say yes to it.
So this Christmas I encourage you to make a decision to give this encounter one more chance.
We can meet him in many ways but we strongly believe that Jesus presented himself on the pages of the Bible,
that’s where we learn what is this God like.
This is why we study the Bible and are now going through the Gospe of Luke chapter by chapter.
So I invite you living near to Kistarcsa to attend one of our sunday services,
we especially recommend our Christmas service to you that we hold on the 20th December in the Royal Station.
If you live elsewhere (and speak Hungarian) you can also follow the series in email if subscribe here.
So with thes few thought let me wish you a very happy and blessed Christmas time.

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