Ady Endre-Karácsonyi rege-Szabó Gyula elődásában

A vers:

Christmas Legend by Hungarian poet Endre Ady 1899
bell tinkles
song arises
to great distance whirs the hymn of gratitude
In my dear little village
on Christmas
into silent soul-searching every soul is humbled
Every human with love falls to the ground praying
To my dear little village the Messiah
used to bring happiness
to the church the youngsters and aged get going in one long line
In my dear little village they are giving thanks
to the God of the Highth
as if down here
the holy grace of the great God would whisper
In my dear little village in every heart
only love
dwells today
Hurting my soul does the crude noise of the big city
how good would it be to celebrate back home
how good would it be from a pure heart just like I used to
how good would it be to unwind
how good would it be if everything
I coud just forget
how good would it be to be a child playing
with true faith
with heart of a child
with the world to reconcile
in love to receive salvation
If this beautiful legend
would become true faith
oh what great joy would fall upon the world
this fallible human, again would be noble human
a talisman would he have for the sad road ahead
Golgotha this earthly life wouldn’t be
One power would permeate through
the great allness
There wouldn’t be other religion
none but this only
To worship God
and each other
to love
Christmas legend
if it would become reality
real happiness would fall
upon the world

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