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I recently heard a story about a teacher who decided to assign a special project for her class for the Easter school break.
She provided each child with an empty plastic egg and told them to take it home and put something inside it that represented what Easter meant for them.
As the teacher was passing out the eggs, she came to one boy in her class who usually never did his homework,
so she almost thought if it was worth it to even give him an egg, but she did so anyways, and gave him last egg, the blue one.
The children left for the break and when they returned, they began to share what they had put inside their eggs that represented Easter for them.
One put a flower inside that represented spring and the renewal of life.
Another had little candies or chocolate bunnies, because for him, Easter really only was about lots of sweets.
Another had a family picture that represented a time to spend with family.
Then the teacher came to the one boy whom she doubted would even complete the project. He opened his egg and there was nothing inside.
Dissapointed, the teacher made a comment about the boy not completing his assignment. Taken aback, the boy explained to her that he most surely did.
He explained that he put a lot of thinking into the assignment, and he decided to put nothing in the egg, because
most important thing about Easter is that on that morning the tomb of Jesus was empty.
Maybe, as you’re listening to this you say: Oh, here we are again, with the same old story.
The tomb was empty, wasn’t it, huh?
Anyone who lives in this country must have heard a hundred times that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose on the third day.
But in a way it all seems to only be a story for kids.
I think though that it’s a great point to raise. It’s worth to think if the resurrection has really taken place.
I believe it’s one of the most important question in history whether Jesus really came out of his tomb or not.
But it’s not just a historic questions. It has great implications for our modern lives too.
Not only because statistics on death are pretty impressive, about 100 in every 100 persons will die and we don’t usually see anyone come back.
It’s relevant because throughout our lives we experience death, when something is over and we have to give up on it.
This might be a relationship, a friendship, a marriage, health, finances, plans, dreams or anything else.
So the big question that Easter raises is this: is resurrection even possible?
Can anything that dies come to life again?
The Bible was actually the first to raise this question, and is totally honest about it.
Paul says that if Jesus didn’t rise then we, who believe it are the greatest losers in the world.
But then he goes on to say that Jesus Christ did rise.
For me one of the greatest arguments for the resurrection is that the desciples themselves didn’t believe it first.
The Bible doesn’t shed some false positive light on these guys covering up their mistakes,
but honestly admits that the disciples had a hard time believing that Jesus rose from the dead.
Yet later with one exception they died cruel deaths for stating that Jesus Christ rose.
Some may be willing to die for the truth.
But had it been a lie, there should have been at least a couple of them saying: “Stop! We’ve been telling a lie all along.”
This is so important, because Jesus’ resurrection proves that ressurrection actually can happen.
This not only means that one day we will rise from the dead,
but also that we can hope for those valuable things in our lives that died to come back to life again.
Easter means we don’t have to completely give up on anything.
Easter also means that everything Jesus said and taught is true and authentic.
And he said that anyone who believes in Him has eternal life.
This Easter let me encourage you not to let go of this subject easily.
I personally believe in the resurrection and experienced that its power actually works.
I encourage you to look into this more – you may contact us, or in any other way
or choose any other means, but be convinced that the resurrection has truly happened.
Deep down in our hearts we all want it to be true.
With these thoughts I wish you and your family sunny, happy Easter holidays.
English subtitles: Arielle Namenyi and Attila Nyari

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