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A vers:

This summer I went to a scout camp.
This was my first vacation without my parents.
I go to school to the 3rd class.
I like drawing, geography and the class trips.
The camp is like a class trip
only better because here you play and make friends.
You can prepare ceramics and learn how to tie a knot.
It’s like having a friend
only here you don’t have one but many of them
and they are also friends with each other and with you.
The teacher said this is called the community.
Sometimes we prepare things that we can take home.
I prepared a necklace which was the most beautiful
as the girl sitting next to me said.
But maybe she said it because I told her before
that hers was the most beautiful, but mine was.
I made myself and my dog out of clay.
Actually I don’t have a dog – yet.
The olders helped me and I helped the youngers.
Maybe I will be a teacher or a wet or maybe an artist
because in the camp I realised that I like making things.
I learned a lot about plants and animals as well.
I realised that the environment has to be protected
because the people litter in it.
But we also learned about a thing called recycling.
For this you don’t have to throw away the trash
you can collect plastic, glass and metal separately
and use it to make presents.
As an adult you can make bottles, notebooks and all kinds of things.
There were children in the camp who don’t have any friends at school
and their parents work a lot but here they were not alone.
The boys learned sports they hadn’t known before.
Many learned what they are good at
and someone was not good at certain things
but good in others and it was not a problem.
It was much better to play with more people than with less.
It’s good to play when we are few
but when we are more it’s different.
Small community
Great experience

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