Curse it EASI

A vers:

Say after me…whisky.
Not to be confused with this,
which is totally different.
Now, can you hear the
Good, you got it. You got it.
Which one is which?
The whisky…
…or the whiskey?
Which came first?
Where does whisky come from?
For heaven’s sake.
Does it come from Veszprém?
Where does it come from,
I’m asking you!
From the bottle.
Yes, ask a stupid question,
you get a stupid answer.
Where does the bottle come from?
Jesus! Are you okay?
You look terrible.
Yeah, yeah…just you know…
this party, you know…
What? Are you hungover?
No, of course not!
Are you crazy?
Because, you know the party
of the Department of English…
I’m drunk!
Well…I know the party is tonight…
…and it is very unhealthy to drink
a lot in one night.
So I started to drink at noon.
I am dividing up my vodka
into healthier portions.
You are crazy?
Come on, this is the last class.
We can go over the party right after.
I’m gonna get a little sleepy time
and everything will be alright.
Your funeral!
So say after me…whisky!
Again, a totally different whiskey.
Good night!
What the hell?
Welcome my dearest darling.
Welcome to the fabled
land of lingustics.
What? Where the…?
Hush, little one!
I’m the good witch of Pannonia
And I’m here to welcome you
with a magical song of love.
You can’t be serious!
All the birds and
all the bees…

…and all the Sun
and all the stars…

Know the bad rhymes I drop
I’m teaching English…
and never stop!

I’m here to say you might become
a linguist

If you are full
heart of pragmatics

You might survive your
first class with phonology

But you may drop out
when you face morphology

This is my land
and if you ever wrong me

I’ll see you at the exam and
I make sure you’ll flee.
Where the hell am I?
Hey Missus…
Holy crap!
One thing is for sure,
I’m never drinking absinth again.
Could I maybe…perhaps…ask
If you have some honey
for my tummy…please.
I’m sorry, I don’t have.
Come on, don’t hold out
on me man.
Just give me some honey.
Please, I’ll do anything.
I’ll make you feel good!
Get the hell away from me!
Isn’t there any normal
human beings around here?
Who is that good-looking guy?
Hello, 911 emergency?
There’s a good-looking guy
in the mirror.
Oh, wait. That’s just only me.
Am I as studdly as the
statue of David, or what baby?
Heeeeeeeeere’s Johnny!
Hey there, hot sexy mama!
I think you’re in the wrong place.
Yeah, I’m pretty sure about that.
You should be in heaven
with the rest of the angels, baby.
What is your name, Sweetheart?
My name is Dorothy.
Well, Dorothy. Has anyone told you
I have beautiful eyes?
Oh, God! Please be somebody sane!
Hi! Could you please tell me
where I am?
Sajnálom, de egy szót sem értek.
Tetszik tudni valami
más idegen nyelvet?
Sprechen Sie Deutsche?
Wait. You’re the Scarecrow!
You don’t have a brain.
Nem tudom, mit tetszett
most mondani.
De valamiért úgy érzem sértõ volt.
This is the land of Oz!
Oz! Si, senora!
No brains, all body? You’ll do.
Come with me!
I need to find him to get back home!
I really, really wanna
go to that party!
What’s this about a party now?
You know, if you’d invite me…
I could get you to the castle of Oz.
Sure, okay. Whatever.
Cool. Stand back babe!
Johnny Bravo!
What now..again?
Milady, let me present you
my Fairy Godfather!
And…what is so funny, my dear?
Nothing. I totally believe
in gender equality and
I think being a fairy is a
totally legitimate career for a man.
You’re damn right, it is!
It involves a lot of
Heavy lifting, you know.
I need to handle
my wand here
and it’s all manly stuff.
I don’t even know why women
get into this line of work.
My friend!
My babe and I are late
for a rocking party.
We need a ride to the castle of Oz.
I’m very busy Johnny, I’m very busy.
Be a bro, man!
I might give you a ride
if I can go to the party.
Sure, it’s pretty much
an open thing anyway.
Can the Scarecrow dude come too?
Fine with me.
Not so fast, puny mortals!
The Wicked Witch of the West
is here!
Your soul and your knowledge
now belong to me.
Listen! I’m pretty, you’re pretty
What do you say we go home
and stare at each other?
For that beautiful human
I’m going to turn you into a…
– Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
– Holy hell!
That wasn’t me!
What are you talking about?
It was clearly you! You have
the smoking gun in your hand!
No, no, no!
This place is full of hunters.
I’m just gunning for the big,
bad wolf you see.
It must have been one of the
guys hunting for the 3 little piggies.
It was you! Someone
has to get the police!
No, those are the exact people
we don’t want to get involved.
Jesus Christ!
No, don’t get Jesus involved either!
Ok! I will sort it out!
But you guys just go
get me into that
Hey, you jerks! There’s a line!
Did you think you are the only ones
who are looking for favours from Oz?
Pretty much!
Get in line already!
Let me handle this!
Hey honey! Wanna taste of me?
No! But here
Why don’t you wanna
taste of this apple?
What do you say
you leave the line and you can have
the honor to be my main squeeze.
Listen creep,
I already have a boyfriend!
Well, you look like a girl
who could use two.
Hey honey!
Oh, hell no!
Come on girls! Let’s teach
him some manners.
Watch the hair! No!
Watch the hair guys!
I’m too good-looking to be
beaten up!
– Is it always like this…around here?
– Oh, yeah!
You’ll get used to it, don’t worry!
Just don’t try to interfere.
Some of the students bite.
Just keep walking.
Nobody told me I have to
get rabies shots to work here!
Only my priest can touch me there!!
Hello, Sir! I’m looking for
Professor Oz!
It is I, the great and powerful
Professor of Oz!
I’m not taking audiences now.
My visiting hours are on Thursdays.
I can’t wait until Thursday
There’s a party and I…
Do not arouse the wrath of the
Great and Powerful Oz!
I summon thee, my guardian!
Escort this intruding wench away
out of my grand office!
Damn you, useless creature!
Oh no! Not you!
Pay no attention to the man
behind this curtain!
Oh no! You are not a wizard!
You are an impostor!
Now how I even…
Hot sexy mama! Any honey?
Oh no! Not you!
Pay no attention to the man
behind this curtain!

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